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    C. Silva

    Dear Sir, Madam,


    I have noticed that when my laptop is offline, sometimes I cannot decrypt my files. It tells me ‘wrong password’. If I connect to the internet, then it accepts the password. I never have this problem when I access my files op my desktop pc at home (which is always connected to the internet). Yes, I am very sure I am typing in the correct password. Could this possibly be a bug?


    I am using the latest version 2 (I checked for updates).


    Many thanks in advance for your reply.


    Kind regards,

    C. Silva.

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    Hello C. Silva,

    When you say “when my laptop is offline, sometimes I cannot decrypt my files” it’s an indication of a user problem – not a software problem, or that there is more to the story so to speak. Our software is entirely deterministic during decryption, so when the word *sometimes* appears there must be something else that varies.

    There is also a difference to note between the signing in to AxCrypt, and decrypting a file. If your software in your laptop is not synchronized with an updated password online, a situation can certainly arise where the sign in process offline expects a different password than online. This does not account for your description of a “sometimes” behavior.

    Notable is the fact that you *reset* your password on March 5, indicating that you have at least two “correct” passwords in use – one old and one new. Please note the difference between a password *reset* and a password *change*. You did a reset.

    Another explanation of the “sometimes” effect could then be that the files you can’t open are from before (or after) that password reset. A password reset does not allow you to open files encrypted before the reset, with the password set after the reset. The reset is only to allow you to sign in again, and is used to encrypt new files. To decrypt old files, you still need to know the original password.

    If you can send a screen shot when you get this “sometimes” problem, it will help us understand exactly at what point the password is not accepted.

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    C. Silva

    Hello Svente,


    Thank you for your reply, much appreciated. Indeed, ‘sometimes’ is not correctly described. It actually always does this, but perhaps not for all the files. As I have many files, I cannot tell which ones precisely, but they were all encrypted with the same password and the password is the same for the files as well as for the online AxCrypt account (so one password for everything). Moreover, I think it is the signing-in part that gives problems, and not decrypting perse, I think. However, I am not aware of a function that allows me to decrypt the files without loggin-in?

    Yes, I do remember that I did a ‘reset’ a while back, however, it was because of this problem. So the reset is not the cause.


    I can reproduce this problem as follows:

    1. In my office there is no WiFi signal, thus, it is offline.

    2. I type my password into notepad and copy it to clipboard.

    3. I double click an axx file, and I paste the password into the decryption window of AxCrypt. It tells me wrong password. (see screenshot).

    4. I walk with my laptop to an area that has WiFi (now online). I try again, keeps telling me ‘wrong password’. I close the AxCrypt password window and double click the axx file again. Again I just paste the password from clipboard. Now it accepts the password.


    I hope you can help me with this issue.


    Kind regards,

    C. Silva.

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    Hello C. Silva,

    Can you please follow steps 2 and 3 provided here and email it to our support inbox as described there?

    Do refer to me in the text or subject of the email, and it will get to me.

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    I am a longtime axcrypt 1.0 user that upgraded to 2.0 last year.  I was frustrated with the lack of progress indication on large file encryptions and was poking around in options and found the “Always Offline” option.  I’ve experimented with this feature and note that whenever I have it enabled and I attempt to unencrypt a file, the axcrypt sign-on appears and when I type in my password it tells me wrong password.  If I then turn off Always Offline, and try again, it works.  I find this very disconcerting that I have to be online to unencrypt my files.  Based on the FAQs and this forum, this is not the way axcrypt is supposed to work.  Always Offline appears to be a broken feature.  If I can’t use the app offline, then it is broken.  What happens if the axcrypt service goes out of business or gets hacked, all my files become inaccessible????  This is unacceptable.  Please fix the Always Offline feature.  In my opinion you have lost site of the core benefit of axcrypt if the app won’t work in a purely client side use case.

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    Hello Mark,

    As you say – that’s not how it’s supposed to work, and something is definitely wrong if what you describe is what is happening.

    There are a few cases where the offline / online password can get a little out of sync, but that only happens under specific circumstances and only when changing or resetting passwords.

    Can you:

    1)  Please follow the instructions here: and send the result to support at axcrypt dot net, and mention it’s for me.

    2) Start AxCrypt in normal online mode, use the “clear all settings and exit” option. Restart AxCrypt. Re-enter your AxCrypt ID email and password, sign in, verify it all works and then try the “always offline” option again.

    Step 1) is to have information to analyze to try to determine the cause of the problem. Step 2) is to verify that offline actually does work. It does not fix the problem if there is one, causing you to get into that situation, but that’s what step 1) is for.


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