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    Harvey kelly

    I have the same problem as the above people. The program appears to forget the password. I have never changed the password. It worked since I started using it. Now I get the dreaded wrong password when I type in the correct password. Since I can show the password I know that I am typing it in correctly. I have never changed the password but now it will not accept the old password. There is a problem if people keep posting the same problem that the program no longer accepts what the user knows to be the password. It is quite annoying. The password I use is written and I keep it. I have files that I have encrypted with the known password. Now it tells me that its the wrong password. It seems that you guys have not acknowledge that there is a problem with the way you set this thing up. Personally I do not see the reason to be online when encrypting files or decryption files. If online messes up how the program works and forgets or changes the password that I never initiated then that is a problem. If I do not want to go online there is no reason for you program to force me to. I believe it is your program that is misbehaving in ways that is suspicious.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Harvey,

    AxCrypt will allow the users to decrypt the encrypted file with the original password which is used for encryption.

    We have literally hundreds of thousands of users a succeed in signing in, both using the app and the web.

    I think you perhaps are not careful enough when you type the password – or you are not aware that upper and lower case characters are different, and spaces and accents are significant when typing the password.

    This means having the same casing, the same spacing, the same umlauts and accents etc. The following passwords are all different:



    not4real! Secrets

    AxCrypt will use the AxCrypt account password to encrypt/decrypt the files. The account password is used/involved to encrypt the files with the AxCrypt app.

    Still, you can open/decrypt the old encrypted files with the original file password(which was used in the file encryption process).

    For more info about how AxCrypt works, please read our information site and blog post.

    For Blog post: and

    Please read the different between Password reset and change in our blog,

    Still, if you are facing any issues, please write to we are happy to help you.

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    Harvey kelly

    okay I will make it simple, The password that I always use is 4 numbers and letters. That right I said 4. I also have wrote it down in another area so that if I forget it then I know where it is at. The programs allows you to see the passwords being typed. So with 4 characters and the ability to see the password. Typing the wrong password is a simplistic fix and if it works for others then I am truly happy for them. It doesn’t work for ME.  I am aware of typing the wrong password. Now try again and tell me how someone could mistype 4 charters which can be seen. I have tried the same password numerous times and get the same error. The odds that I mistype it is the same as mistaking trump for obama. The word I type in is the same password that I have used from the beginning when I signed up. Now please explain how the password can change without me changing it. If it has not change then why does the program not recognize it.  Go from the assumption that the password that I know is not the same password the program is expecting. I did not forget it. The program forgot it.


    Now it is about time you guys realize there is a problem with you program. Counting on the stupidity of the user is not a fix for the problem.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Harvey,

    As said in the previous reply “AxCrypt will allow the users to decrypt the encrypted file with the original password which is used for encryption.”

    I do understand your concern. AxCrypt is a file encryption software with NO Backdoor. That means nobody can decrypt the encrypted files without knowing the file password which was used in the encryption.

    I am not telling that, you forgot the password. I am trying to say that, you were tried with some different passwords than the original one. So please try to use the original password to decrypt the files. Because there is no options.

    Please don’t get upset, We are keep on telling the same and there is no other options available. Please try to enter the original password and if know the pattern please use AxBruteForce tool to recover those files.

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