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    Axcrypt seems very good on paper, but I am hesitating as I have always preferred situations where the company has zero-Knowledge of the password chosen by the user.

    I have searched a few posts on the forum and on Google, but do nto fully get the rationale behind axcrypt knowing the password chosen by the user (above all, but not only, in case the user uses the password manager facility).  Many cloud based storage for example allow premium accounts without knowing the password to access the cloud.

    Can anyone explain the reason please ?

    Thank you


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    Azhaguraja B

    Hello Max,

    AxCrypt is a file encryption software with no backdoor. AxCrypt is not aware of the users’ account password, which we do not store anywhere.

    AxCrypt is used to store the users’ basic information like email addresses, etc. For more info, please check out our privacy policy page:

    Passwords stored in the password manager will get encrypted with the users’ account password and then stored in the server. So, without knowing the account password, nobody can view the stored passwords in the password manager.

    Also, Without knowing the file password(which was used in the file encryption), no one can decrypt the encrypted files.

    Premium and Business subscription provides more security and additional features. But all the users should know their AxCrypt account password to view the stored passwords or encrypted files.

    If you wish to know about how AxCrypt works? please check our blog post and information page – and

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    thanks, and thing helps steamdb

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