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    Hi – the online password management feature looks great – but is there a desktop version available or in the works? I ask because for many years I’ve used passpack which has both an online and a desktop version – this can be used either locally or synced with your online account. This is enormously useful when you don’t have an internet connection – or only a slow one!

    Unfortunately, Passpack has recently been taken over or bought over by new operators who seem to be planning to depreciate the desktop version.

    Any plans by AxCrypt to fill this new niche?

    Regards – Richard

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    Any plans by AxCrypt to fill this new niche?

    It’s not a niche.

    You’ve got dozens of password managers – the following are all free and open source:


    Password Safe


    Commercially you got 1Password, LastPass, Bitwarden, Dashlane, RoboForm and dozens more.

    To answer your question, I believe a desktop version is in the offing but it’s not intended to be a proper password manager nor does it have the security associated with a fully-fledged password manager. It’s a convenience feature.

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    Hello Richard,

    We are planning to add password management to the desktop and mobile apps, and they will of course have offline functionality although probably not in the first release.

    There is no time schedule for this, and we have net yet begun development, but possibly late this year.

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