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    Dear Ladies and Gentlement,

    I have a problem with decrypting some of my files. I forgot my password for these files. Is there any way to get known the password. Or could i send these files to a support to help me out?

    Sorry for my bad english

    Greatings :)

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    There’s no point in encrypting your files if there’s a way to get back in if you forget your password. If there was then all the bad guys would do this too. AxCrypt uses strong encryption which cannot be broken.

    The basic rule is: If you lose or forget your password or key-file, your documents are lost. <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>There is no back-door into AxCrypt.</span>

    The only way to recover a lost password is to try all likely combinations.

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    Thanks for your answer. I already thought about this. Then i hope i am going to remember my old password.

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