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    My dad forgot his password for a document secured with axscript.  Does anyone know how many attempts he can make before it locks him out?  He feels like he could probably guess it.  Next time, daughter dearest will remember to write it down!!

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    If you mean AxCrypt (the encryption software) then you can try as many times as you like to guess the password. You won’t get ‘locked out’ because it’s not on the website; it’s a software tool.

    The reason there’s no limit is because AxCrypt encrypts files, it doesn’t need authentication. With a sufficiently strong password (12 characters or more) you’re looking at hundreds of millions of years to break the password… so there’d be no point in implementing a lock-out feature.

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    Hello Beth (and Gerard),

    Actually… If you’re online with AxCrypt 2, there is a limit… Since then it really is an online tool. To get around that, go to File | Options and enable “Always Offline” until you figure it out.

    There’s also a tool that can search by trying combinations using a pattern. Let us know if you’d like to try that as well.

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