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    I just purchased the premium version of AxCrypt, and my credit card has already been charged. However, it still says my account is using the free version.

    Can someone help me with this?


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    Try signing in and out of AxCrypt as that normally fixes it.

    You only need to do once after you’ve purchased AxCrypt so that the program can update itself with your new status.

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    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the reply. I have tried that multiple times with no luck.

    Under my my account at My AxCrypt ID, it is saying that my subscription is still “AxCrypt Free”. There is also nothing under my receipts or transactions that indicate that AxCrypt has recognized my purchase. I also never received an email about my receipt like the website told me.

    Just a reminder that my credit card has already been charged, so some kind of transaction did go through.

    I appreciate the help!

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    You might want to directly email AxCrypt if that’s the case.

    As a premium subscriber you get priority (and personal) technical support from AxCrypt. They can get this sorted for you; everybody on here are customers like yourself.

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    Hello David!

    I’ve responded to your support request. For general info – the issue appears to be related to PayPal problems which currently is very slow and has extremely long response times. The payment integration works by us first sending you, the buyer, to PayPal via a redirect link to your browser. You then pay to PayPal. We then do nothing until our server gets a ‘call back’ from the PayPal server, upon which time we credit the account. In this case, the ‘call back’ appears to have been delayed by PayPal for almost 12 hours!

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    Hi Svante,

    It appears that everything is working now.

    Thanks everyone for your help!


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