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    Peter Razenberg

    I have some old files that I have encrypted with both a key file and a password. Encrypting and decrypting new files works fine. I still have the key file and I also know any password I ever used for the old files but when I get prompted to enter a password for the old files I am never offered the option to use my key file. So whatever I type I cannot get access to my old encrypted files. I hope someone has an idea how can resolve this as my premium trial period has expired and I am not entitled to official support. Getting support on this issue by purchasing a premium account just not feel right although I am getting desperate enough to give that a try as well.

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    Hello Peter,

    When you try to open an “old” AxCrypt 1.x file with AxCrypt 2, and it is encrypted with a different password than your AxCrypt ID password that you used to sign in to AxCrypt 2, you will be prompted for a password.

    Although of course we’d like you to get Premium, we don’t want you to feel forced to do so. We do provide support for free users as well, just not as quickly sometimes.

    The password prompt should look like this, and then you click “More…”:

    Then it looks like this, and you select the keyfile:

    And finally after selecting keyfile and entering the passphrase click Ok:

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    Peter Razenberg

    Thanks for the response. I do have the ‘more’ option when I try to open one of these files. Could this perhaps mean that I never used a key file for these documents and as result it does not show? I am starting to wonder if I perhaps just used a password. I am currently using version 2.1.1560.0.



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    Peter Razenberg

    Sorry I meant to say; I do not have the ‘more’ option.

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    Hello Peter,

    This means the file in question was *NOT* encrypted with AxCrypt 1.x, and thus *can’t* be using a key file, since version 2 does not use them (except as explained above to open legacy encrypted files).

    So here it’s just a question of knowing the password used…

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    DC Grobler



    I battle to get the old version of AxCrypt installed where I click on the file and enter a code.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Grobler,

    Sorry to say, we didn’t get the exact issue.  So please provide more information about the issue and write a mail to .

    If you can send a screenshot showing where the problem is, it often helps us understand.

    Also we have launched the latest version of AxCrypt app with lot of new rich features, easy to use user interface and increased security level.

    Please check out our video tutorials at and our other documentation at to get started with AxCrypt.

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    fatin ariffin

    I able to open encrypted file ,however it seems wrong when the data that i kept has been not appear.How can i get the data back?.Even my videos has been changed.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello fatin,

    AxCrypt will not change the contents of the encrypting/encrypted files. It just create a exact duplicate of the file and it will work on the file headers, footers and metadata. So except user’s request AxCrypt will not change the contents of the encrypted files.

    Also please check whether you are opening the exact file or some other?

    If you have any doubts, please create a test text file, add contents in that. Finally encrypt the same and after that open the file. Now you will see the exact contents of the file. You can also update the contents of the encrypted files.

    It might be because of the opened file is pending for re-encryption. Please check the AxCrypt local cache path(C:\Users\”UserName”\AppData\Local\AxCrypt) and find the updated file. If not available, then you didn’t saved the contents of the file or you are opening wrong file. Please check carefully.

    If we open the encrypted file and updated the contents of the files. But we closed the AxCrypt app when the opened application is not closed. That time the updated file will be available in our local cache. We have to close the opened application properly and click the broom icon to re-encrypt the pending files.

    Also please make sure that you are using the latest version of AxCrypt app.


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