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    Bob David

    My PC was recently updated from Windows Vista to Windows Seven, Before the update some word files had been encrypted Since the update these files show as AXX files but I was given no option to decrypt and open them even though I know the Password I encrypted them with, in desperation I re downloaded Axcrypt again but I still cant decrypt these earlier files

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    A screenshot would be helpful.

    What’s stopping you from downloading AxCrypt and decrypting your files? You know the password.

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    Bob David

    This is what I get when I try opening an encrypted file 

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    Hello Bob David,

    I see what you’re doing now. It seems that you don’t have AxCrypt installed on your upgraded computer but that’s very easy to solve.

    As you’re on a fairly old operating system/computer, I’d recommend you download the same version of AxCrypt as you had before.

    Scroll down the page until you see “AxCrypt Outdated Downloads” and then download:


    As soon as you’ve downloaded¬†AxCrypt-1.7.3180.0-Setup.exe you need to install ist. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to open your encrypted .AXX files just like you did before.

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    Bob David

    I Have no idea who helped me sort this out but Thank you

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    No problem Bob David. Glad to hear that you’ve got it sorted.

    We’re mostly all users on here and there’s plenty of help available if you need any further assistance. :-)

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