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    1. ISSUE # 1:  Using Axcrypt 2.1.1573.0 for Windows, I noted today that, in the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\AxCrypt folder, ther are many subfolders within which there are UNencrypted copies of files previously encrypted . . . and they don’t disappear when you exit the program or sign out & then exit the program (I always use the program in “Offline” mode). I don’t want any person or party to ever get hold of my computer and then find a whole bunch of sensitive files that are left in an Unencrypted state. Is it technically necessary to design the program to operate this way and, if so, why? Or is it an oversight in program design? If not techniclly necessary, do not leave whatever number of files that a user wants to be in an encrypted state to have copies saved in said user folder(s) in an UNencrypted state. How would you respond to this (and how do I deal with this seeming “security gap”)? I perhaps can understand that, while the program is open and in use, it might be technically necessary for the program to keep some of the user’s files in an UNencrypted in said folder(s) (though WHY?) . . . but, if not technically necessary for the program to operate in this way, then certainly when the program is exited, do not leave any number of sensitive files in an UNencrypted state on a user’s computer. It somewhat defeats the purpose of using the program.
    2. ISSUE # 2:  Is there any realistic near-future point in time by which you can realistically expect your Android (and iOS) versions of Axcrypt to allow one to be able to encrypt or update encrypted files on the mobile device(s) used on? Why the long (multiple years) delay in implementing this functionality in Axcrypt Mobile? If you need to charge a higher price for such an enhanced version, then please do so. It is a feature worth having and perhaps paying more for.


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