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    Paid customer using v2.1.1547.0.


    Is there a way to enable the progress bar/indicator that would show in Axcrypt v1.x when decrypting files?


    Some of my video files are really big, and it would be nice to have the progress bar/indicator back so I can know the decryption progress as the files are being decrypted.


    As it is now with v2.x, when I double click a file, it could take up to 45 seconds for my PC to start playing the video file.  And I have no idea when that file will start playing without a progress bar.

    With v1.x, I would at least know it was decrypting during that time and I would know the progress of it while it was decrypting and when it was almost done.


    With v2.x there is no indication of any kind in regards to the decryption process.





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    Hello Shawn,

    We do have the progress indicator if you have the main window open. It’s not shown as a “popup” when you use it from Windows Explorer, like in 1.x since we now do have the full user interface as well.

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    It would be nice to have it popup from Windows Explorer because that is where I do most of my decryption.  I don’t use the Axcrypt main window for decrypting.  I will go straight to my Dropbox folder and double-click a file there to decrypt, just like I did in the v1.x days.


    Maybe you can detect if the main Axcrypt window is not open and if it isn’t, then do the popup progress bar behavior like v1.x had.




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