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    Arthur Jones

    The encrypting/de-crypting functionality of AxCrypt has been very glitchy lately and I’m contemplating an un-install and re-enstall of Version 2.1.  My current version is 2.1.1547.0.   


    1. Are free version 2.1 from website and my currently installed version 2.1.1547.0 really the same thing?  If not, should I expect any imcompatibility issues upon re-install?

    2. Are there specific steps that you can share regarding how to do this “the right way.”

    3. If I un-install current Axcrypt, are all of my Axcrypt-encrypted files then de-crypted and/or insecure during the interim until I can re-install and make operable again?

    4. What happens with my existing password functionality in this scenario?

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    Hello Arthur,

    The current version is right now indeed 2.1.1547 and is the one available at .

    You should not see any incompatibilities in any case. We are always downwards compatible, i.e. newer versions always work with older encrypted files.

    No special steps required – but do reboot if/when asked to.

    Your files remain encrypted regardless of the install-state of AxCrypt.

    Your files remain encrypted with the same password regardless of the install-state of AxCrypt or if you re-install.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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