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    My team and I have used Axcrypt 1 for years and I have a couple of questions about upgrading to Axcrypt 2 and possibly Premium. I’ve read everything I can find on the website but I’m still not clear on how things would change for us.

    1. We have always worked by using the same shared password for all our files. Am I right in saying we can no longer work this way using the free version of Axcrypt 2, because you can’t set passwords at individual file level? In fact, collaboration won’t really be possible at all with the free version?

    2. If we do upgrade to Premium/Business, is the Key Sharing functionality what we need to use? Will this allow me to encrypt hundreds of files on our network, and know that my colleagues can work with them too? If I encrypt a file and name some people to share it with, will they be able to decrypt and re-encrypt it, and I would still have access to it?

    Thanks, I’d be grateful for any advice on how to continue using axcrypt collaboratively.


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    Hello PeterW,

    Briefly, you have understood correctly.

    A free user can open files shared with him/her by someone using Premium/Business, but cannot share themselves.

    The key sharing functionality is indeed what should be used, along with the secured folder functionality. For the folders where you want to share files, configure AxCrypt to share with the appropriate recipients.

    Best is simply to try it out first – that’s why we offer 30 day free Trial!

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    Thanks for the reply and the clarification. I guess we’ll trial it and see how we get on.

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