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    I’ve just downloaded AxCrypt software. I encypted a folder containing .jpeg image files using the standard encryption that comes with the free trial period version. The issue is that I’m not able to scroll “next” through the photographs and neither is the slideshow possible. It’s not comfortable closing each opened window every time and double-clicking the next image files. Is there a solution to this issue?


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    It’s not possible¬†Raijin.

    Think about it: AxCrypt encrypts your photos which prevents Windows Photo Viewer from showing them in a slideshow.

    There’s an easy way to resolve this – press CTRL + A in the folder and then drag and drop them into AxCrypt. You can then select them all (click on the first file, press shift and click on the last file) and this will decrypt them all.

    You can encrypt them all by dragging and dropping them into AxCrypt. They’ll automatically be encrypted.

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    Hi again and thanks for your reply.

    I see. So does this means that AxCrypt will always encrypt each individual files that are inside a specific folder and not the folder itself as a whole (like a folder lock)? Because if the latter is possible then I may just have to decrypt the folder once and then perhaps the slideshow/scrolling of the photos could be possible.

    And one last thing : Are you one of the members of this software’s tech support team? Because I have one serious grievance that I’d like to raise with an official employee.

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    Hello Raijin,

    No, George is just a helpful member of the community (thank you!).

    I am the lead developer of AxCrypt and will happily (well…at least attentively) listen to any serious grievances you have. Depending on the nature, the support inbox might be a better channel, but it’s up to you. In any case, if you do it in the forums, do so in a new thread please.

    Concerning the actual issue here, yes, AxCrypt is a file encryption software. Not a ‘folder’ encryption software. We do not create virtual drive or folder containers. We encrypt each file individually, which has it’s pros and cons.

    So, yes, decrypt all the files in the folder and the slide show will work, then re-encrypt them when you are done. This is what George suggested. You can also use the ‘secured folder’ feature to make it easier to keep the files in the folder encrypted with a single click. AxCrypt may however not be the most convenient solution for your particular use case.

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    Hello Svante

    I understand the encryption part. Thanks.

    Now coming to the grievance that I was talking about. I too thought it would be better to discuss it outside the public forums and hence I sent an email yesterday regarding the same at¬†(is this the “support inbox” that you were referring to?). But unlike the prompt replies I have been receiving on this topic here, I’m yet to receive a reply in my e-mail. The issue pertains to the Privacy Policy (details already shared in the mail) If you believe that I can send it to another e-mail address whereby the grievance redressal could be expedited, I can do that. Eagerly waiting for a satisfactory response!

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    Hi Raijin,

    Did you get a response from support? I was looking, but could not find either an issue matching your description, or a reply.

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    @ Svante

    The mail was sent on 28 March, at 21:38 GMT. No response from the support team yet. In that case, would you rather I send it to your own work e-mail, if that’s an option? If not, then I’m afraid I’ll have to create a new topic on this forum for that. What do you suggest?

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    Hello Raijin,

    I’ve now found the email to support and responded. Hopefully it answers your query!

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    Hi again!

    Yes, it almost does. I’ve sent you a reply to the same asking just a couple of questions for the final clarification.

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