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    Apologies for my lack of knowledge..still a bit of a noob when it comes to encryption.

    A while ago i installed AxCrypt 2.1 with the intention to create a secure area where i would keep a few important files. I recall making these files secure using the basic free functionality. I don’t recall setting a different password for the files that I selected to be ‘secured’. I changed my password to access my account and the locally installed AxCrypt application. I expected that the secured files would have the same password that is linked to my account (AxCrypt ID), but it seems this is not the case.

    Thus, is the password of the secured files, the password at time of ‘securing’? And next, the faithful question, I don’t remember that particular password, so how can this be reset?

    That for your help!


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    Hello Luc,

    I don’t think you “changed” your password to access your account, I think you “reset” your password.

    A password *reset* (where you do not know the old one, and instead get a new verification email, and then set a new one without ever knowing the old one) of the account will gain you access to the account as such, but not to encrypted files.

    A password *change* (where you first enter the old one, and then set a new one), will enable you to open your old encrypted files with the new password.

    To open any encrypted file you need to know the original password, or the password that it has been *changed* to.

    There is no way to reset it to open the files, or to send it to you.

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