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    I want all files in subfolders, in a secure folder to be encrypted. To do that I have so far understood that I need to activate the “include subfolders” option. But can that cause any trouble? I have seen that under tab “secure folders” lies already: D:\FileHistory\, and this folder seems to have a lot of files inside. Can this folder still be there or do I have to remove it before I activate include subfolders, and if so how do I remove it?


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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Linnea,

    No need to remove this folder. you can enable the include sub-folder option. AxCrypt encrypts the folder automatically or  You’ll see this by the “broom” icon becoming red. This indicates there’s something in need of “clean up”, i.e. re-encryption.

    we have to click the broom icon or sign out from the AxCrypt app to re-encrypt the updated or new files.

    AxCrypt Secured Folder:

    AxCrypt secures files, individually. However, you can designate folders as ‘secured’. The folders will be monitored for new files, and AxCrypt will secure all new files with a single click, or when you sign out.

    You can also select multiple files, including all files in a folder, to be secured in a single operation. They still remain individual files, and the folder itself is not secured, just the files in it.

    AxCrypt Re-Encryption with a Broom icon:

    If the file in fact is located in a folder designated as “Secured”, it will soon be re-encrypted again since those folders are monitored for unencrypted files and will encrypt them when you sign out, or click the “Broom” clean up icon.

    AxCrypt 2 uses a more robust method for the automatic re-encryption, which sometimes means you as the user have to tell AxCrypt to do it. You’ll see this by the “broom” icon becoming red. This indicates there’s something in need of “clean up”, i.e. re-encryption.

    Include Subfolders:

    You can encrypt a folder by using Secured Folders option. After that if you create a subfolder, it won’t re-encrypt the files of subfolder.

    We can include the sub-folder by enabling the feature from the AxCrypt app menu File | Options | Include Subfolders. By default Include Subfolders will be disabled. So Sub-folders are not encrypted without enabling this feature.

    How to remove the folder in secured folder list :

    You can able to decrypt the AxCrypt secured folder by navigating to the Secured Folders Tab from the AxCrypt app. Then Right click on the selected folder (which you want to decrypt) and choose the menu option Decrypt Permanently.

    Incase the folder is not listed in the Secured Folder list, then you have to secure the folder again using the Add Secured Folder option from the right click content menu.

    Or In windows explorer, right click on the selected folder and choose AxCrypt > Decrypt.

    I hope, your problem will get resolved. If not, please write the email to with detailed information.

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