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    Hi All

    When Adding a folder to ‘Secured Folders’, is there any way to include sub folders of this? I have quite a folder structure I’d like to encrypt the files in but it seems I may have to enter each of the 200 subfolders as its own ‘Secured Folder’ or am I missing something?

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    Support for recursive encryption is being added shortly. It’s been listed as a major priority.


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    Has recursive folder encryption been added yet? This is a great piece of software but missing a valuable piece.

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    Hi Bob,

    Sorry, no, a lot of things are happening and it’s still very high on our to-do list. We’re working on a Mac OS X version, we’re adding some features to our account web site, we’re updating the mobile apps. We’re also just introducing a new developer resource  so we’ll start getting even more done in the next few weeks I hope.

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    Svante, +1 for folder recursion. This is the only feature stopping me from getting a premium subscription. Let me know when this is enabled and you have a new customer. Also, I’m happy to try out a pre-release version. Thanks.

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    I was playing around in Visual Studio and I managed to get recursive folder encryption working. It’s a simple-ish feature for AxCrypt to implement but it’ll take time because they have their priorities and have to quality check their own code.

    If you’re comfortable with programming then you can easily add the feature yourself until the official release supports it.

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    Thanks for the input Ales.  I do have the project compiling on my machine and will explore.  However, I will probably wait for official version from the team before using this much.

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    Hello Tim & Aleš,

    Technically it’s not that big a thing, but as Aleš notes, there’s a little bit more to it to go to production. There are many places we need to support it in, and also – the original reason for not supporting it was not that it was hard to do. It was because we have experience from AxCrypt 1 that some users really, really mess things up with this enabled…

    Therefore we need to add several safeguards. One is a “enter password to confirm” when enabling the option. The other is probably some kind of warning when it will lead to very many files being encrypted. Finally, we’ll need to forbid some paths (such as C:\).

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    Great response and thanks for thinking through the full use case (and pit falls) before unleashing on the public.  I’m happy to wait for complete implementation from the team there.  Good luck until then.


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