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    Captain Quirk

    My apologies to Eddie, for inadvertently making a Big Deal out of a little thing – that was not my intention!  It just sort of spiraled out of control when Svante chimed in and I thought he had misunderstood me.  (As it turns out, he hadn’t.)  So I went into a lengthy re-explanation.  If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve just kept my mouth shut in the first place.  :-)

    I’m not really an uptight grammarian – it’s just that the “yes” response to Rob’s “either/or” question genuinely confused me, albeit just for a moment.  Eddie’s subsequent explanation cleared it up.  (I will say this, though: the very fact that many people on this forum are not native English speakers is all the more reason for us to be extra careful in our syntax.)

    Thanks to both of you for your efforts (I know Eddie isn’t an AxCrypt employee or representative), and I wish you both a great day or evening, according to your respective time zones.   ;-)

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    I have a PC that I use to share files with some colleagues. Each user uses TeamViewer to remotely access this PC. I want to start using AxCrypt and ideally dont want every user using the same password. I fear that, due to remotely accessing the PC, each user looks the same to the PC and therefore only one password is possible. Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance, Alex

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    Hi Alex –

    Simple solution: log out of AxCrypt once you’ve finished!

    None of the other users will be able to see your files† and if multiple people want to encrypt their files then they can all create a free AxCrypt account.

    Normally I’d suggest you have different Windows Accounts for security reasons but with TeamViewer effectively prevents this. You’re making yourself very vulnerable in general by having a single user account for everything but this isn’t something AxCrypt can help you with.

    † Unless one of your users installs a keylogger or malware onto your system and then you’re screwed.

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    Hello Alex, and thanks Jordan!

    We don’t just yet support convenient use of multiple AxCrypt accounts in a single Windows sign in session but it’s planned. Currently the easiest way to work around this limitation is to do File | Options | Clear All Settings and Exit, then type the email again.

    Another note if you’re actually sharing one Windows log in with several people using TeamViewer. TeamViewer has become a very popular vector for breaking into computers and encrypting files for ransom. Do make sure that you have a very strong password on the system and that all users are aware of the necessity to keep that password secret.

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    Many thanks for your quick response Svante & Jordan. Much appreciated.

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    What happens 2 users wants to use same shared folder? Idea to is to have one shared folder protected by 2 user account and have access to it?


    Thank you.

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    Prasanna, all you do is get person one to share the folder with person two.

    Both of you will then have access to it using <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>your own</span> passwords for security

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    Marc Fischler

    I want to send an encrypted file to somebody who has not axcrypt.

    Is it possible that he receive the file and open it ?

    Thank you

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Marc,

    AxCrypt application and account required to decrypt/open the AxCrypt encrypted files. Without the AxCrypt app we can’t open the encrypted files.

    Only the person sharing the encrypted file needs the premium version – the recipient(s) can quite happily use the free version to decrypt/view the file.

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