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    Can I recommend that you give the end user the option to share a URL to the person you are sharing a file with instead of sending a passcode and a link to sign up to AxCrypt 2.0. If I have a friend who is not as computer fluent as I am, but I need to send that user an encrypted file, there needs to be a mechanism for this individual to decrypt the file that I am sending to him without having to install the AxCrypt 2.0. Would you please consider this workflow before rolling out the final version of the software?

    I would hope the user would be able to download the file from a URL that I would send to him and he would use a standalone decryption program. I would forward the URL for the decryption software and the URL to download the file.

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    Thank you for your input! This is actually an interesting idea. We’ll need to think a little bit about how this would work in detail, and what security issues it raises.

    It won’t make into the first release, but we’re not stopping development then! We’ll be continuing to push continuous releases just like we’re doing with the beta phase. It will not be a case of a release-a-year or something like that.

    Once again, thank you, we can do something with this.

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