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    Alan R Ketcha

    I am a new user and apparently I am missing lacking some understanding on using this tool (Free Version).

    Scenario: have a number of encrypted files open and they appear in the RECENT FILES.
    1. Close all files using the application with which they are associated (after SAVE of course).
    2. SIGN OUT of AxCrypt and am prompted for Password to do so.
    a. I would now expect AxCrypt FILE menu to show SIGN IN. It shows SIGN OUT still.
    b. In Explorer, I can still open files (in proper app) without being prompted for PASSWORD?
    So it is not signing me out, even after I close the AxCrypt window and Task Manager NOT
    showing AxCrypt Running. So this would not protect my files if someone was to get into my
    remotely as, while they are encrypted, they can be opened without having to enter a PASSWORD.
    3. Then I tried doing an EXIT from the File Menu as now I could not open the encrypted without
    being prompted for the PASSWORD. This is what I would expect from SIGN OUT.
    4. Tried it again to verify EXIT would provide me the operation I want. Now EXIT will not even
    produce an EXIT. AxCrypt window does not go away; Task Manager shows it still running.

    So what is the proper way, after closing any and all open encrypted files, to have opening an encrypted file via “double click” in Windows Explorer result in being prompted for the PASSWORD?

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Alan R Ketcha,

    First I will explain AxCrypt 2.x how to work:

    AxCrypt 2 works just like your email software or most other password-protected systems. You sign in once and remain signed in until signed out. Just like you can read many emails without entering the password every time, AxCrypt will do the same. The files are still encrypted, but your password is remembered until you sign out of AxCrypt.

    AxCrypt stays signed in until signed out, just like most similar applications such as your email. Once signed in, you can read, write and update information without having to re-enter the password, until signed out. AxCrypt will automatically sign out when the screen saver goes active(based on the Inactivity Sign Out configuration), or you can sign out manually.

    You can use our Inactivity Sign Out feature, to sign out the AxCrypt app on certain time interval of inactivity. Also you can sign out the AxCrypt app, when opened the encrypted file(s). Now AxCrypt will ask the user to enter the sign in password to sign in to the AxCrypt app.

    For Inactivity Sign Out, File | Options | Inactivity Sign Out | Choose duration in minutes.

    If you are sign-out the AxCrypt app, then you can open the encrypted file with your file password.

    Please explain which AxCrypt version do you have used? still, if you have any question/query, please write an email to our support team

    Also Please you can send a screenshot showing where the problem is, it often helps us understand.

    Please note: This might be because of some other third party applications are not allowing the AxCrypt app to run. Please try to check any firewall or antivirus software’s are blocking the AxCrypt app or not? If blocked, please add the AxCrypt app in the app’s whitelist.

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    Alan R Ketcha

    AxCrypt (free) version 2.1.1598.0

    Your explanation is what I understood. It appears my explanation of my scenario is not understood.

    Bottom Line:

    o   I click on “Sign Out” and get prompted for Password.  (OK)
    o   I enter correct Password and pull down File Menu but “Sign Out” still displayed. (NOT OK)
    o   For grins, I click on “Sign Out” again and get prompted for Password
    (obviously NOT signed out)
    o   I enter correct Password and pull down File Menu but “Sign Out” still displayed.
    (NOT OK)
    o   So I select “Exit”; but AxCrypt dos NOT exit/close.
    (NOT OK) … so what is Exit supposed to do?
    o   I click on standard Window “X” in upper right corner and AxCrypt window closes.
    o   I can still open encrypted files without entering Password.
    (NOT OK unless the “X” is only tied to minimize)
    o   I relaunch AxCrypt and AxCrypt window opens but “File” pulldown still shows “Sign OUT”
    (NOT OK) obviously AxCrypt never closes or closes improperly.
    o   Tried locking PC after closing via “X” AxCrypt window and then relaunching AxCryp; still signed in.
    (Not OK)

    But yet there are times where I sign out and/or exit where it seems to have signed out.

    I was not using Inactivity Signout up until now. I have not yt waited for that to occur to se if it in fact Signs Out.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Alan R Ketcha,

    Please you can send a screenshot showing where the problem is, it often helps us understand. or Please You can make a video record about the issue and send to us. We check the video and try to resolve the issue.

    Please write an email to our support team

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