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    I’ve just installed the latest version (2.1.1541) and logged in with my private account, only to realise that I needed to log in with my work account. However, I discovered that the Sign Out action in the context menu doesn’t work: after I invoke it and attempt to Encrypt again, I’m being asked for a password for my private account again. There seems to be no way to sign me out, even in the Advanced window.

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    Hello Marcin,

    It’s actually a limitation right now. AxCrypt does not work conveniently with multiple accounts. You’re signed out when you sign out – but you’re still connected to the same acount, and there’s no simple way to switch accounts.

    For now, the workaround is to use the “Clear All Settings and Exit”, and then enter the other account – OR create two different Windows accounts – one for your work and one for your private user. This actually has many other advantages and is the recommended way, and is one of the reasons we have not put a high priority on multi-account use of AxCrypt.

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    Might I suggest that AxCrypt have an option with a drop-down box, something like


                     User Sign-In

    Phil (Work)

    Phil (Home)


    The settings, literally just the email addresses and descriptive title, could be stored in their own config file in AppData. This would allow a user to use the Sign-Out feature and they’d be presented by a drop-down box unless they only have one account, or they choose not to remember their settings.

    You’d keep Sign-Out for the hybrid Sign-Out and Clear All Settings and Exit to delete everything, including that one config file.

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    Hi Phil,

    Yes, that’s pretty much the plan…



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    That’s good news.

    I only use one account myself but for people with multiple accounts / the soon-to-be business account then it’ll be a critical feature.

    The main problem I envisage [in Marcin’s scenario] with the Clear All Settings and Exit feature is that the Secured Folders settings are lost, if he uses them.

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    Ok, ‘Clear All Settings and Exit’ worked. Thanks, Svante.

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