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    Hello AxCrypt Developers,

    1. Software: Nice work! I’ve used your version “1” product for a long time and several of us have AxCrypt version “2” accounts where I work. I created my own personal account this morning because I like the software so much I wanted my own. :) I think the future is bright for you guys. (I am an IT engineer who moves and works in “information security” circles.) I would pay extra $$$ for the Mac version and a possible Linux versions I _would_ buy three licenses!

    2. Suggestions: 1) Allow for nested/cascading ciphers and algorithms. Since you guys write this stuff for a living you know what I’m getting at. (Crypt/decrypt/block speeds/rounds/etc.) 2) Adding x509 support would be an interesting implementation.

    3. Wish List. I’m only thinking out loud here, just things some of my colleagues and I discuss on a regular basis. Would be fun to be able to import all our OpenPGP keys into the mix; Would be fun to have a container system (think TrueCrypt) melded into this software. Would be fun to have a AxCrypt/OpenPGP/TrueCrypt entity. I understand this would be hard to do, but I don’t think it’s impossible. I would pay real money for something like that. :)

    Keep up the good work!!!!!


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    Hi MMartin,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Mac-version is coming up. Possibly a Linux-version as a recompile/port of the Mac-version.

    Nested algorithms – probably not from us, but we do support plug-ins for algorithms…

    OpenPGP-support is always on the radar in various ways, so it might indeed happen to some extent anyway….

    We’ll probably stick to file encryption for some time anyway though. Virtual containers is a different game.

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