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    Hi, I am having problem with opening decrypted files, the strange is that some files are correctly opening and others no, obviously with the only password I have, the same for all files..
    All files are ipg, encrypted in many different dates with various old versions of Acrypt, the lates was 1.7.3156.
    Today I have download the latest version 2.1.1481 thinking to have canceled some installatrion file, I rebooted pc (Windows10) but the problem is continuing.
    I created also a new password on Axantum to try to reset files password but I know this is not possible, so I reset password for account but non for encripted files…
    I don’t understand why some files are opening and other similar no.
    Do you think I have to use system configuration utility?
    Thank you,

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    Hello Simona!

    Please send a screen shot of what is happening instead of the file opening. If you don’t want to send it here, publically, please send a support request to .

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