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    Roberto Gallerani

    Axcypt V. 2.1.1478 2016-10-23

    O.S Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (x64) Build 14393.105 (RS1)  – Last update 2016 – 10 – 17

    Since one or two months ( i don’t remember exactly) axcrypt has became unstable saving crypted files. I mean that having more opened crypted files, for example in my case 2 or 3 excel sheets, after several change/save on them, at some time the save file is not done, having a message panel which says that the operation cannot be done (something like file locked or not accessible…). In this case, after closing the files (i.e. excel), their not crypted copies in %appdata%\axcrypt\local\Axcrypt folder, remain in their tmp folders. These copies generally have the last modifies stored that instead are not written on the original crypted documents (with also a lack of security due by the persistence on the PC of a not crypted version of documents that generally are not removed opening again the correspondent crypted files).

    At present, when a message error is displayed saving one document, my  (hard) troubleshooting is:
    1) Try anyway to save other documents currently open
    2) close all the documents (saved or not saved without errors)
    3) open %appdata%\axcrypt\local\Axcrypt tmp folders, taking a look to the not crypted files if they have the last changes.

    if last changes have been saved (generally is this the condition):
    4) remove the original crypted files not modfied/saved, replacing them with the correspondent modified copy
    5) crypt again the files

    Unfortunately, at present, i cannot reproduce a sistematic flow of actions of this particular condition.




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    Hi Roberto,


    First of all – please update and keep your AxCrypt fully updated, you’re almost up-to-date, but not quite.

    The next time this happens, please follow the instructions here immediately after the problem surfaces: .

    This will give us a chance to understand more about just what happens, and thus fix it.

    Thank you for reporting this!

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    Ok Svante, thanks.

    I’ve upgraded axcrypt to the latest revision and i’ll mantain monitored the problem signaled. I’ll write here the results and eventually, if the problem is still present, i’ll send the requested information.

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