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    I had a thought that I would use a ‘not normally ever used’ email address as my AxCrypt ID.  In making the change, I had presumed that I would only be changing my ID, not my whole Axantum presence.

    So, I have wiped out my years-long presence in error!   (and any record of my past $ contributions to help out) But does this matter – in our dealings with ‘the new system’, will we even need to expose our AxCrypt ID as an email address?  Will we ever need again?

    All the best – and very much looking forward to iOS and macOS so that I can resume using the great product!


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    Hello Robin!

    It appears that you deleted your existing account, and then created an entirely new one. What you probably intended to do was to *change* your email. You can do that from when signed in.

    But, is soon to be entirely separated from AxCrypt, and unless you had passwords stored in your old account, there’s no real harm done – except of course that we no longer see that you’re a long-time user!

    If this is a problem, we can recreate your old account from the backups, but to be honest – it’s work and if it’s not important to you… But if really want, we can.

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    Thanks for that.  No need for you do do anything, I am ‘just playing’ until we get back full integration.

    Sorry, I am still not clear: is is possible to have a separate AxCrypt ID (that I understand must be an email address) – not the same as the communication email?

    I logged on to change just my communications email (not the ID), but the auto-response reads: ‘You have requested to change your current AxCrypt ID e-mail’ and ‘Use your existing password to sign in and then the old AxCrypt ID will be permanently deleted.’

    So it sounds as though one cannot separate the ID from the communications email (used to send out notifications)?


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    Hi Robin,

    No, the “communication email” is the same as the AxCrypt ID. It’s that email that we verify to be correct by sending a verification code to as well.

    Our point of view is that an email is simply not a secret (every spammer on the planet knows it), nor should it be a secret that a given person (like myself) is using AxCrypt.

    The source code, the algorithms, even the encrypted files – nothing of this should need be kept secret.

    The *only* thing that should and must be kept secret is the password.

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    Thanks for  that. We live and learn and learn!

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