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    I’ve encrypted a stored .vhdx file which is 90gb (its not used, just stored). AxCrypt split this into three 35Gb files (.vhdx, .vhdx1 .vhdx2). Does it recompile into one file when its decrypted?


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    I guess AxCrypt would reconstruct although if you’re using VHDX files would I be correct in assuming you’re using a professional version of Windows? If this is the case then the best and easiest option would be to use BitLocker to encrypt the VHDX as BitLocker is native to the Operating System. Every time you go to mount the VHDX you’ll be prompted for your BitLocker password.

    VHDXs are essentially system files and I’d be very wary about using third-party encryption to protect these. AxCrypt is designed primarily for individual files – not system critical files. The mount point that Windows use may cause AxCrypt to malfunction causing loss of your data.

    Simple instructions for activating BitLocker on VHDX (scroll down the page).

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    thanks Andrew. This vhdx is not used, just stored in case so not keen on using Bitlocker etc. The fact AxCrypt has split is this a feature of processing large files? Would it also split other files if they are similar size?  just trying to be aware of limitations etc…

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    That’s something I think Svante would have to answer. Most people on here, like myself, are users of the software.

    I’ve had a cursory look through the official specification and there’s no mention of the maximum file size.

    If you’re feeling adventurous you could look through the source code (it’s open source) for the answer or you could drop support a message; or somebody from the official support team might respond in due course.

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    Hello Rob,

    AxCrypt does *not* split files. There is no limit except available storage concerning file size.

    AxCrypt will use a digit suffix (but not quite like you’re showing) in certain situations when there’s a file name collision but that does not seem to be the case here.

    If you have a file named “MyVirtualDisk.vhdx”, and you encrypt it, you will get a file named “MyVirtualDisk-vhdx.axx”.

    Are you sure you’re using AxCrypt ;-) ?

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    Thanks Svante, I’ll delete this and retry the process to check it does it ok…. i’ll update you!

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