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    How does one do this?

    Say, I have 100 images I want encrypted.  Just to be extra careful, I’d have them encrypted on 2 physical hard drives on my system.  But when I also want to back them up on 2 USB sticks AND an online backup service, does one normally also leave these backups encrypted?

    Well, if I were to use a backup service, I’d also WinRar the encrypted files and put a 75+ strong password on the rar file.

    Is this how it works, just leave everything encrypted?  I mean, what are the odds of all 5 versions of encrypted images becoming corrupt?

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Barbarasso,

    Sorry to say, It’s not entirely clear exactly what the question is, please provide more details information in your question.

    please write an email to  with some more information about the issue.

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