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    I started using version 1.x with a generated key in a file. AxCrypt asked to me for the key file every time I encrypt or decrypt a file.

    After reformating of my HD, I installed AxCrypt version 2.x.¬† The same request for the key file, on every action. After activating the option Allways offline, I defined a password and could work connected and unconnected to the internet.¬†Some times I was asked for the key file (I didn’t understand why).

    After another reformating of my HD, and installed again AxCrypt 2.x, while working offline, I realized that old files (encrypted while online) required the online password, and new files (encripted while offline) required the offline password. Actually, AxCrypt never ask for the key file, Why?. Is it not required now?

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    Hello jjruiz,

    AxCrypt 2 will try to open an encrypted file with the password you use for sign in to the app.

    If that fails, it will prompt you for a file password, and if it’s a version 1 file give you the option to provide the path to a key file (key files are not supported in AxCrypt 2, except for backwards compatibility with AxCrypt 1).

    If an AxCrypt 1 file is successfully opened, it will (by default) be re-encrypted with the AxCrypt 2 password and upgraded to AxCrypt 2 format including AES-256 if you have Premium.

    You can also bulk-upgrade AxCrypt 1 files from the menus.

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    Thank You!

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