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    I deleted five encrypted files and now I’m receiving the following message for each of them.

    Exception during procession of ‘file.axx’. [Could not find a part of the path ‘file.axx’.]

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    Hello Bill,

    I probably don’t see the full picture, but if you delete encrypted files while under the control of AxCrypt, you may indeed get unexpected errors if AxCrypt actually expects the files to be there.

    Perhaps you can elaborate?

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    I downloaded five files, encrypted them and then after a day or so I deleted them. I didn’t decrypt them before deleting them. Is that recommended?

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    Sorry, that’s my comment above.

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    Your error is unusual Bill.

    I’ve tested the issue for you in two different ways using the latest version, AxCrypt 2.1.1534.

    • Create a Notepad file, save it, encrypt it, delete it (from the desktop) whilst AxCrypt is running
    • Create a Notepad file, save it, encrypt it, quit AxCrypt, delete it (from the desktop), reload AxCrypt

    Neither of the scenarios produce the error you describe. In both cases AxCrypt recognises that you’ve deleted the file from Windows and updates itself accordingly.

    You’re okay to continue doing what you’re doing. If you’re not on the latest version, please update.

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    Hello Bill,

    No, there’s no need (and not a good idea) to decrypt files before deleting. I’m just trying to understand what the problem is, and unfortunately right now it’s very unclear. Can you give more info?

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    I closed Axcrypt and restarted it and it appears to be fine. I also updated to the newest version. Thanks

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    Have used the old version of Axcrypt for years. Never any problems. My life is encrypted here. I upgraded.  Got scared with results. De-crypted a copy of my files on other machine. Copied files to newer/upgraded machine. Re-encrypted one of the folders for a test. Now getting “ERROR DURING PROCESSING… COULD NOT FIND A PART OF THE PATH. And i get 10 or 20 of these messages. But the document does display. After further review, it appears the messages refer to the same documents each time. The documents do exist. They are in a folder that was de-crypted. I’m not feeling very comfortable here. As stated earlier, my ‘LIFE’ is on this machine.

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    Your problem is very confusing rbincola.

    Have you still got your old machine? If so, try decrypting them on there and then copying them over unencrypted on a USB stick to the new machine. If they refuse to decrypt on your old machine then the files have become damaged somehow. This happens to all files eventually – it makes no difference whether they’re encrypted – see 3 paragraphs down.

    If you no longer have your old machine then please post a screenshot of the error message.

    You say that the files are “in a folder that was de-crypted” yet you said that you have “used the old version of Axcrypt for years”. Did you decrypt them with the old or new version? If the problems occurred after using the old version then it’s got nothing to do with the upgrade.

    All files on a computer, whether encrypted or unencrypted, suffer from a phenomenon known as bit rot. That means your files become naturally damaged the longer you leave them on a computer. That is why backups are so important, particularly so if it’s your ‘life’s work’.

    You must follow the 3-2-1 backup rule if your files are important. Imagine what would happen if your computer is stolen or damaged in a fire/flood/earthquake or if you just dropped it on the floor! For this reason always backup your files; the general rule is: if they’re not backed up, they can’t be that important.

    Make sure that you’re using the latest version (2.1.1536) of AxCrypt.

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    I logged out of axcrypt, and back on. Seems to be ok now. Thanks for the response. Yes I do keep an offsite backup. If I may make a suggestion, it would be nice to have some type of ‘progression’ window. I am re-encrypting my files/folders. Some of my folders may have 50 or so files. The master folder may have a couple hundred. When I encrypt the folder, it may take 6 to 10 minutes. But, I’m not sure Axcrypt is doing anything. It would be nice to have a display like ‘MS Windows’, so you know that the operation is progressing.  20% complete, 30% complete, etc…

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    rbincola, a numerical progress indicator is due to be implemented by popular request. It’s been marked as a ‘critical’ feature according to AxCrypt’s roadmap.

    As Jason said: always keep a backup of everything. It’s good that your files are now recovered.

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    i have a folder structure of






    anyway, I modified folder name in stuff1a. Then opened document in stuff2a.

    axcrypt is complaining about stuff1a. yes the stuff2a doc did open, but i got 6 unexpected errors. the path in the msgs also refer to the modified folder in stuff1a.


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    You’ll need to send a screenshot for us to help you.

    Blank out any confidential information in the file names using Windows Paint before uploading the screenshot.

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