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    Thanks Jeff!

    Good point there, and we’ve received similar feedback before. We should probably pop up a progress dialog for this situation.

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    I have installed axcrypt 2 and now when I try to open a file I get “AxCrypt File Encryption has stopped working”. What is going on, I really need to access important info in this file!!!!!!!!!!!

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    English text at the end

    Je fais également parti des nombreux utilisateurs mécontents de la V2 de AxCrypt.
    J’utilise AxCrypt V1 depuis de nombreuses années et j’en étais très satisfait.
    J’utilise également différents mot de passe de cryptage selon les fichiers.
    J’ai testé la V2 l’année dernière mais je suis immédiatement retourné à la V1. Je viens de tester ce jour à nouveau la V2, suite à un mail reçu de votre part, et je retourne à nouveau avec la V1, bien plus efficace et sécurisée de mon point de vue.
    La V2 est une régression abusive de la part de vos équipes de développement : décrypter TOUS les fichiers juste en saisissant une fois son mot de passe est abberrant.

    Longue vie à AxCrypt V1 !!


    I am also one of the many users unhappy with the AxCrypt V2.
    I have been using AxCrypt V1 for many years and I was very pleased with it.
    I also use different encryption passwords depending on the files.
    I tested the V2 last year but I immediately returned to the V1. I just tested this day again the V2, following an email received from you, and I go back again with the V1, much more efficient and secure from my point of view.
    The V2 is an abusive regression on the part of your development teams: decrypt ALL files just by entering once its password is abberrant.

    Long life to AxCrypt V1 !!



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    Hello Dave,

    Your problem is probably related to “Lavasoft Web Companion” which is not compatible with modern Windows, and causes the network stack to fail, causing AxCrypt to crash. See the FAQ for more info.

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    Hello Yan,

    Thank you for your input. It seems your major discontent is with the “stay signed in” metaphor, and the use of a single password. Please read and for a longer discussion about these issues.

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    I have been a fan of AxCrypt for some years and found it easy to use, up to version 1.7.

    I was just sent the e-mail to say version 2 was now available, but I am having to switch between both versions as it seems that neither version can handle the other versions encrypted files.

    As I keep older versions of my secured files in case I ever make a mistake and overwrite data, I can always refer back to an earlier version. As I can’t simply use the latest version to be able to look at the old files I am in a quandary whether to move to the new version or simply stick with the older one.

    As the new version has an Android version I was hoping to use that to view the secure files on my android devices as well as my PCs.

    Is it at all possible to use version 2 to open version 1.7 files?

    Is it possible to have both versions running on a PC at the same time?

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    Hello Brian,

    AxCrypt 2 can open all AxCrypt 1 files (if you know the password).

    AxCrypt 1 cannot open AxCrypt 2 files.

    AxCrypt 2 will by default automatically convert all opened files to AxCrypt 2. This can be turned off.

    You can’t have both installed at the same time, but you can have AxCrypt 2 installed, and keep AxDecrypt, the v1 decrypt-only stand-alone program on the computer. You can also have AxCrypt 1 installed, and use the fully features AxCrypt 2 in standalone mode. See the downloads page.

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    I was mistaken therefore, I can open my old files with V2.

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    A lot of things I don’t understand with Axcrypt 2 premium :

    – I can’t open the file crypted with version 1

    – Fortunately I had another version of the file, I crypted it with Axcrypt 2, and I can open it without entering the password as I had to, before. Anaybody entering my computer and my session can open !

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    Hello Roselyne,

    Of course you can open a file encrypted with version 1 with version 2. You do need to know the password.

    Concerning that the file opens without entering the password, it’s by design, AxCrypt remains signed in until signed out.

    Please read more in our blog:


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    I’ve understood that I needed to sign out so that the files cannot be opened by another people. I confirm that actually the previous file cannot be opened. Il appears with the AxCrypt logo, but I have a message “nnn.xls-axx n’est pas un fichier AxCrypt”


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    Ok. The message you refer to indicates the file in question is damaged. When was it most recently opened? Was it open in the previous version when you upgraded?

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    I opened it yesterday, and I think it may be open when I upgrated

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    We have seen issues that may be related to the situation when files are open in the old version during the upgrade.

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    I did not say damaged. I said can no longer open with either version 1 or version 2. I use the file several days every day, but when I installed version 2 and clicked on the file as I usually do, the version 2 program almost immediately went to error popup. If either a GUI or window to ask some registration for first time use or for passphrase to be entered was supposed to be displayed, that did not happen. So it was not expected that the file would be accessed and left in some unusable state. I guess I should have backed up the file, but since version 1 was work so well, I just didn’t think I would have any problem. As for the Lavasoft program, no, it is not on any of my pcs. As for the “full” report, that seems a bit cumbersome to gather and not sure the necessary files are still there. And I am not happy to work via email for days to try to resolve this. Version 2 does not seem to be a great follow or easy transition.  If no window was displayed, it should not have done altered the file at that point. Disappointing to say the least.

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