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    Hi, i need help. I want to use some methods from source code for decrypt file, Please, need simple example…

    My current code is…

    Var stream = new FileStream(“path to file”,FileMode.Open);

    var lAstream = new LookAheadStream(stream);

    var reader = new V1AxCryptReader(lAstream);

    var doc = new V1AxCryptDocument(reader);

    if(doc.Load(Passphrase.Create(“passw”),AxCryptGuid.Value,new Headers()))


    else Console.Write(“fail”);

    Exception is “unregistered type. initilize with typemap.register[singleton|new] …

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    Hello John!

    Sorry, but generally we can’t give source code support. Perhaps someone else in the community would like to help?

    A quick hint though – check the methods in class AxCryptFile, I think they will do more of what you’re looking for. As for the type registry, check out Program.cs – you’ll find all the required type registrations there.

    We will be providing a SDK with sample code in the future, but we’re not there quite yet.

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    I’dont know enough about the type registry, which team use it… i need little more info with type registry… Please…

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    Sorry John, but I can’t help you out here… It’s all there in the source code, but we cannot provide help from AxCrypt.

    Maybe someone in the community would like to jump in?


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    If you need this sort of assistance you really shouldn’t be considering using the source code to decrypt a file. Stay with the pre-compile binary.

    Alternatively you could pay a local software engineer to assist you. It’s not fair to expect AxCrypt to provide you with programming help when they provide perfectly working software to do this for you.

    Or you could offer to pay a few thousand Euros to AxCrypt in return for their expertise…

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