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    I’m trying to install this for Windows. I’ve tried two different email address early today, and over 6 hours later I still have never received the 6-digit verification code (yes, I’ve looked in my spam filter.)

    What’s up?

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    As nobody has responded Leor, here’s my suggestion.

    Try activating the software offline:

    • Quit AxCrypt and ensure it disappears as a tray icon
    • Disable your internet connection / disconnect from WiFi
    • Launch AxCrypt and it’ll allow you to use the software without registration

    This is one of the issues since AxCrypt have moved towards an online activation system.

    AxCrypt software can still be used offline but the development team are unwilling to allow offline users access to premium features, even if they pay.

    You can still use AxCrypt in offline mode but only as a free user. If you weren’t intending to pay then it doesn’t really matter.

    Always Offline mode is actually more secure because your password is never sent to the server. Just make sure you check the option in the file menu.

    Happy encrypting!

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    Hello Leor,

    Looking at our logs, we’ve sent the verification code to two different emails yesterday without any error indication. This means that it’s kind of out of our hands unfortunately.

    Most likely it’s been caught by your spam filters. Check your spam!

    We do everything we can to avoid this happening, but many filters are overly aggressive. We’ve even known filters that will refuse to accept anything sent from any IP-address in Sweden.

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    Thanks, Svante, and I also got a reply from Raja to an email I sent.

    The email server I use is called … while my first attempt was sent to an email address on my own web server, the second was sent directly to my account. Neither of them showed up. It may very well be that the server is rejecting your emails, because even with my personal address, that gets “polled” by spamarrest every minute, so it’s possible spamarrest rejected the message after it was extracted from my personal server.

    Anyway, Axcrypt is working great now!


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    The reason your AxCrypt verification email wasn’t received is because Spam Arrest is stopping your emails.

    You should have pre-approved AxCrypt as a recipient before asking for the verification email. This is how Spam Arrest works.

    Spam Arrest sends automatic replies to all new senders asking them to type in a verification word in order to verify their address. AxCrypt aren’t going to do this for you, nor are any other businesses.

    That’s why very few people use Spam Arrest: it bins 100% of genuine emails – unless you (or the sender) goes out of their way to pre-approve the sender’s address. It’s a snake oil product.

    Remember lots of big businesses use multiple email address (“no-reply”, “sales”, “billing”, “e-invoice” etc.) and you’ve got to pre-configure their acceptance. Many of these email addresses are not monitored and nobody will read the verification email they send. Some businesses even randomise their outgoing email addresses for targeted mail campaigns.

    In many jurisdictions that accept email as an official form of communication a message is deemed served (legally served) once it’s sent and it makes no difference if you, the recipient, actually received it. The law treats it as: your email account, your problem.

    Here’s a video of how Spam Arrest works.

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