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    I am using odrive to ‘extend’ my harddrive. odrive syncs files from the cloud to my harddrive upon request, ie. it uses placeholders. If I click on a placehoder the file/folder is synced from the cloud and after a certain time (usually 1 day) it is reverted to a placeholder to save space. The placeholders are in fact files with the ending .cloudf (folder) or .cloud (file). They must not be encrypted while all other files need to. Otherwise the placeholder won’t work anymore.

    Is it possible to set a folder for automatic encryption of all files and exclude .cloud/.cloudf files at the same time?

    I cannot do that manually, because if a new file is placed in the sync folder, odrive will sync that to the cloud (mostly before I am able to encrypt it manually). I need a fully automatic solution. I tried that with Boxcryptor already but that is lacking this exclusion and thus creates a lot of 0 byte files with growing filename length…




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    Hello André,

    Thanks for telling us about this. I was not aware of this kind of behavior. Right now, you can’t disable certain file exetensions from automatic encryption but it’s a good feature to add regardless. There are similar situations, like .gdoc and .gsheet where this probably will come in handy.

    It’s a fairly simple thing to fix, so we’ll be adding it shortly (with a set of built-in extensions for now, it’ll be user-editable later). You can follow this at .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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