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    I started encrypting a folder on a external hdd over an hour ago. I presume it’s working but when will it finish and how will I know? Folder is approx 130Gb with 9000 files.



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    Also if I turn off my laptop (I need to go out) will it corrupt any files? Will it restart automatically when I plug my hdd back in or do I need to tell it to redo the folder? Will I need to un-encrypt what has been done already and start again?

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    Azhaguraja B

    Hello Pete,

    No, AxCrypt will not corrupt any files if you put your system in sleep/hibernate mode. AxCrypt will resume the encryption /decryption process once you opened your system(after unlocking your system) .

    When you are encrypting your folders which are contain bulk amount files with AxCrypt, you can put your system in sleep mode. AxCrypt will continue the encryption process once your system unlocked.

    Please note: When encrypting/decrypting bulk amount fo files, AxCrypt will stop the encryption/decryption process once get some exception.

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