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    Seak T F

    AxCrypt is available in Google Play and App Store, but not in Microsoft Store.

    But Win 10 has reached more than 50% of market as I’m writing this post now for which Microsoft Store is mainly designed.  I would like to know if AxCrypt will be available on Microsoft Store or not.  This could spare us of having to download the latest version all the time.  It’s time to move to a future deployment method.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Seak,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    You can download the windows AxCrypt app from our official website (

    Please check out our video tutorials at and our other documentation at to get started with AxCrypt.

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    Seak T F

    I have already been using Windows native application since many years.  But my question was on Microsoft Store, because having to download and installing the app is not so considered as user-friendly anymore nowadays.

    So, there’s no plan to move on to Microsoft Store then?

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    Azhaguraja B

    Hello Seak,

    Sorry to say, Currently we do not have any plan to move the software to Microsoft store. In the future, If any situation comes like that, then we might move the app to the microsoft store.

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