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    Hello, we are a reseller of SME accounting software. We receive many files and backups which need to be encrypted for safety. I want the 10 people in our team to be able to secure files and unlock them. Thing I can’t work out from the Axcrypt website is this: how do I make sure that I can always open what another team member secured? For example, if someone in the team uses an encrytion password and does not let the others know, can that file still be opened in any way? Is there some sort of ‘masterkey’ function? Last thing I want is a thousand encrypted files with different passwords and total dependance on the encrypting user to unlock the files. I like Axcrypt from personal use, but now I cannot determine if it’s the right choice for my team. I hope you can help me get clarity on this!

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    Hello Elstgeest,

    AxCrypt has a feature called key sharing, which enables anyone encrypting a file to designate one or more other recipients to be able to open the file with their own password.

    We also have a feature called secured folders, which enables you designate folders where files are to be kept encrypted, and also a key share policy for those folders.

    In your case, you might use just the key share, or both, features.

    There are some simple videos explaining how this is done on the web site.

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    Thanks Svante, will check out the video’s.

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