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    I am trying to share an encrypted file, however, when I put in the email address into add contacts and share, I get an exclamation point with a notification that the email is not in the correct format. It is the correct email address. It’s a gmail address with a name and a number. The sharing works with my own email address but not with this particular one. Plz help. Thx.

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    Hello TC,


    Thank you for reporting this. I think this is because you have:

    1) Signed in to the Windows app.

    2) Signed in to the web.

    3) Changed the password via the web.

    4) Gone back to the Windows app and you are now trying to do the invite – but the app has remembered the wrong password, which causes the invitation to fail with a bad error message.

    The correct behavior here would be for the Windows to realize it is no longer correctly signed in, and sign out.

    Please try to sign out of the Windows app and sign in again, and retry. If you can confirm if this works or not, we’ll then make a bug report about it.


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    This worked, and i am now able to share it. Thx.

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