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Automatically encrypt new files in secure folders

Stronger encryption with AES-256

Share your secure files with key sharing

Encrypt and decrypt both on desktop and mobile

Secure files online with cloud storage awareness

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PricingFeatureListAES256 AES-256 Encryption check
PricingFeatureListSecuredFolders Secured Folders check
PricingFeatureListKeySharing Key Sharing check
PricingFeatureListCloudStorage Cloud Storage Awareness check
PricingFeatureListMobileApps Mobile Encryption check
PricingFeatureListAccountKey Account Key Backup check
PricingFeatureListOpenShared Open Shared Keys check
PricingFeatureListIncludeSubfolders Include Subfolders check
PricingFeatureListPasswordManagement Password Management check
PricingFeatureListFileWipe File Wipe check
PricingFeatureListAnonymousFile Anonymous File Names check
PricingFeatureListPasswordGenerator Password Generator check
PricingFeatureListDirectSupport Direct Support check

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